Ninety Six Bakery is well known to bring the signature taste of brownies
to this town. You have come to the right place if you’re looking to
indulge in a loving handcrafted creation of sweetness.

Classic Chocolate Cake

IDR 350.000

Chocolate Ganache Brownies

IDR 260.000

Red Velvet Brownies

IDR 150.000

Green Tea Brownies

IDR 150.000

Cream Cheese Brownies

IDR 150.000

Chocovo Brownies

IDR 140.000

S'mores Brownies

IDR 140.000

Banana Cake

IDR 90.000

Cashew Brownies

IDR 90.000

Almond Brownies

IDR 90.000

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

IDR 80.000

Nutella Cake

IDR 60.000

Chocolate Cake

IDR 50.000

“Ninety Six Bakery’s brownies:
Perfect for the sweet tooth.”
-Makanmana, Medan’s top food blogger-

“Perfect place to find you daily happiness
intake that comes in many varieties of delicate treats.
Keep it up!”
-Eliza Chandra, Influencer-

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